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June 4, 2009 by Melanie  
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Twitter Bird

Twitter Bird

Twitter can be run from the browser and the applications on your computer or mobile phone In this article we will look at some of the options that are on the market.

Twitter on the Web
Twitter can obviously run through your browser, and it can be an advantage sometimes, especially if you are not doing more. But web solution has its shortcomings and problems if you follow many twitters. The normal webinterface can not divide the Tweets you receive into groups.

The biggest handicap is, however, that it lacks a direct short-url option when you want to embed a URL in your Tweets.

There are several applications you can use on twitter. One of them is Tweetdeck witch seems to be widespread among those I follow. Tweetdeck allows to divide users into groups you follow, where you can see Tweet from each group in a separate column. This allows you to filter the Tweets you receive so that they become easier to foresee.

Another good feature is the short-url options, where you can choose between different types of short-url, so there is something for everyone. Tweetdeck performs well and can be warmly recommended.

This is also a very popular desktop client. I started with Twhirl, but walked away from this because it lacked the possibility of grouping them you follow. If you have a Tweet flow of approx. 100 incoming Tweet of hours, it may be worth gold to group so that you get sorted the worst “spammers” from.

Twhirl works fine, however, and are more handy than Tweetdeck which fills much of the screen. Twhirl seems to work better than Tweetdeck regarding updates Tweet, it goes faster on Twhirl.

In summary, I use Twhirl if I had fewer Tweet, but I think it’s a more handy and elegant solution, but with large amounts of Tweet, it is not quite on a par with Tweetdeck.

Seesmic Desktop
The desktop client is quite new, indeed it is not on the market yet. I’ve tested a bit of a preview version of Seesmic Desktop, and it seems that it is a real competitor to Tweetdeck. I could live with Seesmic once it comes on the market, especially since the ability to have multiple accounts twit in the same desktop client can be useful.

Twitter on Iphone and mobile phone
Twitter can also be used on mobile phone, and here are some excellent applications. To Iphone, I would highlight Tweetie, Twitterlator Pro Twitterrific and Twitterfon. The first two Tweetie and Twitterlator Pro will cost a small amount, while Twitterrific is available both free and buy version. Twitterfon is pt. free, and there is also a free version of Twitterlator.

I’m using Twitterrific itself free version, but this is most likely to follow the Tweet, and I believe therefore that we should look at one of the heavier applications, if you must send many Tweet from his mobile phone. I even started to test a few of them and I will return with a report about my experiences.

There are also some applications for BlackBerry phones, and there are a few Windows Mobile (TinyTwitter and PockeTwit). I have no experience with these applications.

Take Away:

  • Twit can be run directly from your browser.
  • If you use twit much a desktop client can be a great help.
  • If you receive many Tweet then Tweetdeck a good choice.
  • Keep an eye on Seesmic Desktop – it can be hot.
  • You can also use the twit from the mobile phone.
  • There are several good applications for the Iphone.

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