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June 22, 2009 by Melanie  
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Twitter Bird

Twitter Bird

Twitter is a phenom. In the true sense of the word, Twitter is simply a phenomenon. Shortly after its launch, it was unusual to “tweet” about daily doings, but as more and more people have discovered the power of Twitter, everyone from the soccer mom to the A-list celebrity Twitters.

What’s Twitter? In short, it’s another form of social networking, but one that takes less time and less involvement than Facebook or MySpace. Because each post is limited to 140 characters (that’s characters, not words), the idea is to be sharp, crisp and to the point.

While Twitter initially was a place for people to update friends and family about daily doings, it has quickly turned into a way to promote business, easily, quickly and for free.

Here’s how businesses use Twitter.


Users can put a link to their website in their profile, not just in posts. So as people visit a user’s page, they might see the link, click on it and increase that site’s page views.


Those who are serious about getting the word out are not only good about posting their own comments, but will reply to other people’s comments. They might simply say, “great idea!”, but doing so puts their tweets on those who follow the person they are commenting to. Before they know it, they have more followers, and that’s more potential customers.

Encouraging connections

Smart businesses put a widget on their web page that suggests others “follow me on Twitter” but even smarter businesses are finding better ways to get noticed. These smart Twitter users will put a widget on their page that gives people the opportunity to quickly and easily put a link to a site on their Twitter page. At TweetThisSite, a free download offers just such an opportunity. People no longer have to follow the business Tweets, but can click on links in others’ profiles that increase site traffic.

There are many ways to leverage the power of Twitter. The key is to be smart, be ahead of the game and be willing to try new things. Twitter and many of the assorted applications (including those like TweetThisSite) can give smart business people all of these things.


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