How Twitter Differs From Facebook and LinkedIn

January 25, 2010 by Melanie  
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Facebook is more of a social networking site. It was created by a couple of college kids from Harvard. The point of it was for college kids to network online. Facebook was created to be very easy for applications. This is most likely why Facebook took off more than MySpace.

It was easy to use the applications in Facebook and this makes Facebook far more flexible than MySpace. MySpace was very inflexible for a while. Now they have changed that somewhat

MySpace used to be very limited in what you could do outside of the MySpace walls, but Facebook was very open. You could connect things to it. You have to remember that Facebook was started by college kids for college kids. The reason that’s important is that Facebook has the most tenuous relationship with entrepreneurs and business people. They are not all that keen about Facebook being used for business purposes and they have done a lot to dissuade businesses and make it more difficult for them.

Facebook is probably not going to completely ban business people. They have a love/hate relationship with them, but it is something to keep in mind. Tomorrow they could decide they have had it with business people and not allow businesses on Facebook anymore and that will be the end of it.

It was designed for college students to connect, date, make friends, to find relationships and parties. People have just taken it and turned it into something much bigger than that. Facebook has 164 million profiles and continues to grow. It is fairly easy to get on and use, then you can add things to it and connect.

Facebook is in between Twitter and LinkedIn in terms of being formal. You can invite anyone you want to be friends. It doesn’t matter. They don’t care that you have lots of people that you don’t know that are friends. That doesn’t bother them so it is not going to get you banned. It’s a good way to promote teleclasses and events. That’s one very powerful way to use Facebook. Because it is so powerful, it is a little over used, but that’s what Facebook can do for you.

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