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July 22, 2009 by Melanie  
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Twitter Bird

Twitter Bird

Blogging is becoming a preferred method of making money from the internet. It is, put very simply, a platform that allows you to update your site easily, without having to mess around with FTP or Cpanel or similar programs.

The search engines favour sites that are updated regularly, and often, as they are considered to have more relevant information than a static site. It is good to have your site favoured by the search engines because more searchers (potential customers) are directed to your site.

Twitter is a form of blogging, which only allows postings of 140 characters, or less. A post is called a tweet. It has become very popular as a social tool. Many celebrities are using it to show their popularity and probably as a free form of advertising.

As Twitter increases in popularity, more and more people are joining. It is free to join and they don’t mind you advertising your business or site. They do have some rules, mostly to do with fair use and not doing anything to damage the site, but their rules are very fair.

To get the most out of your Twitter account you would use it to advertise your blog site. The best method is to use a teaser. You partially describe what you’re selling, giving the audience good reason to want to know more. You then direct them to your blog site for the full story. You have to be pretty inventive as you only have 140 characters to use for each tweet. It’s almost like writing an AdSense ad.

Some advertisers give away a free gift or enter you into their competition for retweeting their message. Retweeting a message just means that you are passing it on to anyone who looks at your twitter page, or subscribes to your tweets. This is incredibly effective as it quickly is spread to many people. This is called ‘going viral’.

Using Twitter with your blog is an incredibly effective advertising method and the best thing is that it is free.

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Wendy Streater is interested in using her blog to make money from the internet. Her site is packed with ways you can use your blog to make a living from the internet.


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