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Twollars is a legal tender of appreciation for Twitter. Everyone on Twitter, by default, has a starting balance of 50 Twollars. For a simple Twitter user, you can earn Twollars by visiting websites that offer Twollars as a way of thanking you for visiting or buying from them. Or you can buy from the charity in real currency.

Twollars can be use for charity and business. With Twollars you can raise money and donations for a cause in Twitter. Twitter users can donate their Twollars to charity of their choice. You can offer your Twollars as a sign of appreciation to other Twitter users and other you may also receive Twollars from other Twitter users.  With Twollars you have a means of promoting a charity and building customer appreciation if you are into business. If you are into business, you can give Twollars to those who visited your site and/or buy something from your brand. In this way you are building a good relationship with them. You can buy Twollars from charity foundation for real money if you are already out of Twollars.

Availability and Charges:

Charges not mentioned.


They can be reached by email at , , ,, ,


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