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TwittAd is a Social Media Affinity Network that links Twitter users and Advertisers. To start, you need to log-in to your TwittAd publisher account otherwise sign up for an account. TwittAd proposes 2 methods to monetize your Twitter profile. It’s either posting a Twitter account or opting in to advertiser campaign.

By the time your profile is purchased and you upload the ad to the design section of your Twitter profile, you will follow the instructions on how to alert TwittAd that the process is complete. Their system will verify on an hourly basis for the ad and every hour, money is deposited into your virtual account. When the ad expires, TwittAd transfer the funds into your genuine account based on the percentage of time the ad was served. By the time your account balance reaches $30, you can request payment.

Payment will be made by TwittAd Paypal. You can choose your posting options from 7 days to 3 months. The Price Per Follower (PPF) will differ in each posting options.

As an affiliate, you can earn 25% of  Twittad Transaction Fees.


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