3 Advanced Twitter Marketing Strategies You Shouldn’t Learn

June 16, 2009 by Melanie  
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Twitter Bird

Twitter Bird

Twitter has become more than just a main stream media – it has become the latest “must have” social network for many businesses and individuals. And as flood of new members join the ranks of twitterers – some of the misconceptions turn into true problems.

Allow me to explain!

Twitter is not just a platform for marketing but a social medium, meaning that majority of the people are there to communicate, establish relationships and develop their business. While marketing is permitted and welcomed by many, as long as it is consistent with your main message and actually services your market niche.

Unfortunately too many tend to ignore the fact and jump straight into marketing without as much as saying a personal “Hello”. What is even worse – when you visit their Twitter home page all you see is them talking AT YOU not with the followers.

So here are the 3 Things You Shouldn’t Learn About Twitter

1. Don’t Do Auto-DM

Automated Direct Message, also known as AutoDM is one of the most controversial and generally disliked techniques that borders on spam. Twitter is all about instant communication and sending and autoresponder message to your followers and what is even worth – include a link in it is equal to screaming at me to go visit your site as soon as we meet on the street.

Use common sense! If you wouldn’t do it face-to-face – why would you abuse Social Network?

2. Don’t Talk AT Me, Talk TO Me

Twitter is all about conversations that happen in real time, right now and they all must fit in 140 characters or less!  Reserving your conversations only to information you share is equal to ignoring the conversation.

Once again common sense: Would you stand in a group of people and every once in a while shout out something you have to say ignoring whatever conversation was happening at the moment?

They WHY would you do it on Twitter?

3. Don’t Ignore Your Market Needs

People have chosen to follow you for one or another reason but they will remain your followers only if you will continue delivering information they liked in the first place. More often than not it was an answer to their question, solution to their problem or contribution to a common conversation that you made.

Consider your market needs and continue to provide information that services it, delivers answers and provides solutions! And yes, that does include marketing of affiliate products, your own services and even competing products.

Common Sense: People have a trust in your words, use it wisely and don’t peddle crap on them just to make a quick buck!

Conclusion: Twitter can be extremely powerful tool in your arsenal or it could be the beginning of your doom if you decide to abuse it. Information spreads like a fire and damage to your reputation can be very hard to repair if you do something stupid.

Consider common sense strategies in everything you do on Twitter or any other social network, if you wouldn’t do it to a people having a conversation with you face-to-face due to moral restrains – stay away from using it on social networks.

It will not make you a star but it will gain you respect and provide you with benefits you expected.

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