What is This Twitter Thing?

June 8, 2009 by Melanie  
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Twitter Thing

Twitter Thing

Twitter is a social service network, which can be best described as micro-blogging. With 140 characters per message one must be considered in short and precise messages. You choose to follow different people and are then able to see what they “tweet” about. Similarly, there will be people who follow you and therefore can see what you type in your status updates.

Twitter is, by many, compared to Facebook, but differs on some essential points:

  • You can follow the people you want. This means that you don’t have to be approved by example, Barack Obama, to follow him to twitter.
  • You have few options besides your status updates. Unlike Facebook, where you are constantly made aware that one of your friends have taken a quiz, or by how much of all actors you reminds most about George Clooney.
  • You have only 140 characters at your disposal, and must therefore be very short and clear in your communications. (This may actually be a good training for many of us who can easily use many words to describe very little)

How do I start with Twitter?

At twitter you finding some people who you think might be interesting to follow. It may be an idea to start by finding a topic that you’d like to deal with and find some people expressing their opinions on the subject. Then you will see what they write and who they write with. Follow them you think writing something funny or interesting, and expand the group of people you follow. If you write something that is interesting enough, you will also see the group of people who follow you grow.

Tips for using Twitter

  • First and foremost, be aware that you are moving in the public sphere. Anyone can read what you write, if they go into your profile.
  • Remove people that are “spamming” and give updates on things that do not interest you.
  • Use services to shorten your links. For example http://www.tinyurl.com
  • Remember that everyone can see what you write, even if you address the message to an individual.
  • Find some interesting articles or other things on the web to link to. It could give you more followers if you bid in with is interesting.

Can my business benefit from twitter?

Twitter is not intended to sell products, and many of your followers will be “tired” of you if you only use twit to send bids out. But Twitter can simultaneously be an ideal way to raise awareness about yourself, a product that you want promoted, or traffic on the company website. It is not certain that it provides direct sales, but twit allows the position you / your company in the “head” of potential customers. And the damage is rare.

Twitter is created for an immediate flow of information and relevant news stories are retweet’ede as they happen. Many company profiles on twitter However, usually directed at product launches and industry news – and thus not participate directly in a dialogue. It may therefore be necessary to organize Tweets, and allow them to be published in the future. This is now possible througe Tweet later – a professional twitter tool -
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