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July 28, 2009 by Melanie  
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Twitter Birdie

Twitter is a relatively new tool that can be used (in a specific way) to assist in building your MLM Internet Business. This tool can be used to create a large list of followers, some of whom may become your friends, customers or business partners. In this article, we discuss what Twitter is, and introduce you to the concepts behind using Twitter for your business.

You might be wondering what Twitter is? It’s called a micro blogging tool, which means it is like blogging, but you write very small messages each time. It’s also different from a blog because when you write a post on a blog, that post (if it’s public) is displayed on your blog’s web page for anyone to see. With Twitter, your short message is available on a twitter page, as a “Tweet”.

Those who use Twitter usually have an application they use to see the tweets of those they are following. You follow people within your area of interest, and others follow you. Your followers (and anyone who searches on a word that appears in your message) will see the message you “tweet” on Twitter. When you follow people, you will see messages they write.

Most applications that make Twitter more friendly consist of a page on your computer screen, with small pictures of the faces of the people you are following. Next to each person’s face, is the message he or she has typed. If you click on a little symbol on the person’s face, you can type a reply which all your followers can see. In addition, you can send a direct message to one of your followers, which only that particular follower will see.

If you build a large list of followers, you have more people who will see your message, and the chances of you meeting someone interested in your product or business opportunity are higher. We recommend having separate Twitter accounts, one should be relevant to some problem your product can solve. For example, if you market a nutritional product for dogs, then have a twitter account that “tweets” about dogs and healthy stuff they can eat. If you have a blog about nutrition for dogs, you could  send a tweet each time you make a blog post.

The other twitter account for your  MLM Internet Business could be about you and you could tweet about stuff you are doing, so your followers can get to know you. It’s a good idea to tweet whenever you write an article or a blog post or create a video, which has some educational value.

If you treat your Twitter followers nicely and provide them with educational content, they will start to like you because over time, you will earn their trust and prove to be a very credible resource. And, if you follow them, and help them get what they want, without asking for anything in return (that’s a very important part of having a large following), you will start building a relationship with some of your following. Many followers will then read your blog posts, and many of those will purchase what you are selling.

To summarize, Twitter is a tool used to build thousands of followers. If you provide educational content to your followers, this list will be a valuable resource for your business, both for selling products and your business opportunity. Treat your followers nicely and give them educational content, so they grow to trust and respect you. Once you learn to use Twitter as a relationship builder, you will have a lot of fun, and it will assist you to build a large MLM Internet business.

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