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Tweetmeme is a service which collects all the popular links on twitter to determine which links are popular. It tracks the hottest links on Twitter. The links are categorize into different categories and sub-categories thereby making it easy for the users to filter out the links that interest the user.

Every tweet on TweetMeme has a TweetMeme button wherein you can easily retweet the link. Using the TweetMeme button you can learn new subjects and tweet about it. The button offers a fully integrated URL shortener and the story or pages title. Every posted link on twitter adds one link to the link count on that story. By the time the story has reaches a crucial bulk of votes, it will be put into the top 10 on the front page and gets tweeted by Tweetmeme Twitter account.

You can endorse your website with the use of TweetMeme button. This is a simple and easy way to incorporate twitter into your blog and websites. The retweet button is for publishers of blog and website that would like to encourage their spectators to retweet their content on twitter.

With TweetMeme, you can increase instantly the brand or exposure of your company, drive more visitors to your website, endorse your twitter account, and you will be given detailed information on a daily basis on which Twitter users are following and retweeting your story.

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