October 8, 2009 by Melanie  
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. is the best site for you to develop your twitter network and get mass of followers. To start, you have to login using you Twitter username and Twitter password and then follow people to be added to free section where people will follow you in return. The VIP riders on will gain much more followers than the regular users.

If you are regular rider, you will be at the bottom and will be followed by about 15 people only. A V.I.P. rider will be followed by all visitors of the site. When you join, you are required to follow 20 free users and all of the V.I.P. users. The train will only hold about 40 free riders. In order for a user to hold a V.I.P. status, you have to buy V.I.P.

For a user to make money, just make an account on revtwt. Wait for revtwt to validate your Twitter account. Once your account is validated and ok, you can start posting ads to make money. is link to RevTwt.

Availability and Charges:

Regular user = Free

1 Day V.I.P. = $ 20.00 = $ 20.00 / Day

3 Day V.I.P. = $ 45.00 = $ 15.00 / Day

5 Day V.I.P. = $ 62.50 = $ 12.50 / day

10 Day V.I.P. = $ 100.00 = $ 10.00 / day

30 Day V.I.P. = $ 250.00 = $ 8.33 / day


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