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In my previous article on Twitter I focused on the advantages of Twitter as a resource tool and some of the ‘cool’ products you can use to gain productivity. But many people have asked why bother twittering either from a social networking or business point of view. But first let me explain what twitter is; first and foremost it is a free social messaging utility for staying connected in real-time. It is not an eBay nor is it a place for direct article or product marketing.

It is a place to build your social network through interesting tweets and the place to sell your products through subtle headlining using the art of subconscious influence. So the main reason to join is that you want to influence, make friends and expand your business. Here is a brief list of other reasons why you should twitter and what you gain from doing it!

Reason 1: Twitter is a great tool to practice headlining since you have only 140 characters per update. This really makes you think what you want to say and how you want to say it. Think about it, you only have a few words to get your point across and get them to click your link to your website or to reply to you. This makes Twitter fertile ground to develop your headlining capabilities either to attract people to your social network and/or to develop your advertisement skills all in real time!

Reason 2: Do you know how to get across who you are in 140 characters? The ‘Bio’ section only allows you 140 characters. This really helps you focus on being brief about who you are and why people should want to get to know you or why to buy from you. This ‘Bio’ and the quality of your tweets is the key to your success and influence on twitter which nicely dove-tales with the next two reasons.

Reason 3: Similar to bygone ages where tribes or clans used to exist to give like minded people protection or common reasons for staying together, twitter with its following concept is very much like the tribe or clan. People follow you because they like what you have to say and how you say it (or what you ‘tweet’ in twitter language). This provides you with the opportunity to develop your influencing (leadership) skills from either a business or social perspective. People want to follow someone they trust and respect, its human nature and many, many people want to be lead. So here is a great opportunity for you to brand yourself whilst developing your leadership, a win-win situation!

Reason 4: You can turn followers into perspective buyers without the headache of mailing lists. Instant list building with like minded people, wow what a concept, now you instantly have targeted traffic with potentially high conversions! From a social networking point of view you can quickly meet like minded people allowing you to expand your sphere of influence into a huge resource pool of ideas.

Reason 5: Kenneth Wu (email copy writter on twitter) has developed his sparks theory that when you put like minded people together and under the right conditions you can get an explosive growth of ideas that has huge marketing potential. He also states Twitter through social networking can provide the platform for change, both of which positions you as a ‘mover and shaker’. You gain incredible influence and respect both across the business and within social networks.

Reason 6: Twitter works similarly to the human mind, namely in short sharp bursts of focused interest. Most people enjoy variety and can quickly scan across tweets to find their areas of interest without wading through masses of text. Use this human concept to build your influence and show the breadth of your understanding in your or any ‘field’ of human diversity and interest. Unlike other social networks twitter has huge diversity, a brilliant place to try out new and untested ideas quickly.

Reason 7: Informal setting, like a golf club membership, you can make deals, joint ventures and strategic alliances in an open and safe environment. As you build your tribe, clan or membership you have a trusted set of allies willing to work with you and so are more open to deals social or business.

Reason 8: This is a great tool for basic market research. Twitter itself tracks trends but additional tools like tweetdeck, tweetbeep, tweetlater and many others all help you manage the vast source of new and emerging needs.

A last point, one of caution, it is very easy to waste a lot of time on twitter if you do not have a clear strategy or reason for using twitter. If you use it as social networking then make sure your tweets are of interest to your tribe. If you are using Twitter to expand your business then make sure you use subtle advertising and do not over tweet your products. Kenneth Wu has a great course on twitter that shows you how to use twitter to your benefit. You can find this course on either of my web sites listed below.

I hope you found this article of value and you will join me on Twitter. My username on Twitter is simonsayzzz and I would love it if you join, and send me a message and say hello. I do not think you will be disappointed especially if you are looking for people to meet and you are like me, hate writing long winded hellos! And if you are sparked with what I have to say then follow me on twitter and you may find what you are looking for on my websites, you will find my sites unusually constructed, hopefully interesting. Hope to hear from you on twitter and do say hello to Kenneth Wu!


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Twitter Bird

Twitter Bird

Twitter is a social media platform perfectly in line with what we want, “simple, fast, and easy”. Using just 140 characters and nothing else, we all know exactly what we’re getting. A tweet is simply a short, concise, direct, easy to read “blurb” that provides insight to something bigger and better. From a business perspective, each tweet is an opportunity to sell you, your company, your product or service.

So, how do you effectively use Twitter to promote your business? Well, like so many things out there with internet marketing, there is not just “one way” to do it. For the sake of conversation lets break this down into two categories: direct and indirect advertising.

As a new person, small business, or large company the first step will be an indirect approach. By indirect I mean you are NOT going to start sending tweets about your company or products right away, just the opposite. You are going to build your reputation and start to learn the ropes by being a good listener. As you get involved and gain followers and start following others, you will start to read the tweets and learn the tricks that will actually build you and your company up in a positive light. This is an important step.

Some simple ways to build a likable personality on Twitter is to provide useful information or insight. This could be a link to a newly released report (on a topic that is within your field), or a great article, maybe a reference to a good book or good product. Really, you want to provide value to others, so they see you as someone they trust and in turn this will increase your chances of working with them later on down the road.

Once you start to get the hang of how things work by participating, providing value, and listening to what people are saying it’s time to take it to the next level. Your approach can become a bit more direct. Now when I say direct, I’m using this term very loosely.

I don’t want this to become a lesson in internet marketing, but often times companies or small business entrepreneurs will have a blog that they push traffic to. The purpose of the blog is to provide additional detailed information about the company, product or services in a non-invasive way. Again, this is based on the philosophy that when you provide value, people will trust you and in turn want to work with or partner with you. Pretty basic, but what seems to happen sometimes is we get so excited about the “potential” sale that we end up smothering our prospects. This is a sure turn off for any potential customer.

So, a great strategy is to tweet about new blog posts on your business blog or company blog and include the link. Let’s say you just wrote a blog post about how to use Twitter effectively for your business, you could tweet: “Want to learn how to effectively use Twitter in your business?” – then include the link. This will drive traffic to your blog, which acts as the first step in the sales process. Now, just sending prospect to a blog is not good enough, you must take the time to craft your blog in a specific way that all visitors know what to do “next”…have a call to action on your blog! That is a topic for another article…back to the topic at hand.

Always remember, Twitter never sleeps and it is constantly moving. Because of this, we have the opportunity to test often. Testing your results on Twitter will help you to recognize the actions that are actually helping your business, and also eliminate the actions that are not producing results. Trust me, you don’t want to overlook the value in tracking. A great tool that will shorten your URL and also track how many people are clicking on your link is called TR.IM and you can visit this site by going to

Take the time to get familiar with Twitter so you can develop a solid strategy that will work for you and your business. Build your reputation and work on gaining as many followers as possible by providing useful information in your tweets. It will not be long before you are driving tons of traffic to your sites with the use of this simple yet satisfying social networking tool.

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