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August 13, 2009 by Melanie  
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TwitProQuo offers service that will optimized your Twitter profile. They offer new and stimulating technique to amplify your Twitter. They just simply follow 10 new people and in return they will gain more than 10 new followers for using their service.

TwitProQUo come together the principles of sympathy, queue, and referrals to aid their objective. You will follow 10 Twitter users from their site’s line up and a probability that those people, in return, will follow you back. They designed their application in such a way that you will be receiving new followers of no less than 10 people by the time you will use it. Primarily, those are the people who make use of their service before you. You will be added to their site’s line up once you will start using their service.

You will remain in their site’s lineup waiting to achieve 10 new followers from them. You will be removed from their site’s lineup once you will get 10 new followers. Use of their service is unlimited but if you are presently in the lineup, you cannot use it. You will be informed thru email by the time you have acquired 10 new followers and then again you can use their service. Referral is the great feature of their site.

You will receive credit once your referred Twitter users who will use their service. Use their service regularly to get the best results. They provide free user statistics to Twitter user who uses their service. With this feature, you will be able to know who followed you using their service and who you are following through their service.

Availability and Charges:
Price: Free


At this point, they are not offering premium paid services. The benefit they get is that the number of followers who will follow them every time they use their service and in return, they will follow you. It’s a give and take process.


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