Get 16,000 Twitter Followers and Make Money Doing It

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Twitter Bird Follow

Twitter Bird Follow

You need to learn how to get lots of Twitter followers within a few weeks. They should not be just random followers, but they should be targeted. You want targeted because they are the ones who will be interested in what you have to say. They are the people who will click your links so you can make sales and profit.

If you are struggling to get people to add you on Twitter, you need to learn from guys who have been there and done that. Also, you don’t want to waste too much time. You want to get the most followers as fast as you can so you can make lots of money in your business.

Imagine having 16,000 followers in just three months who have interest in what you are saying. Even if you have 1% of people’s attention, that is 160!

Learn how to use Twitter effectively by putting everything on auto-pilot. Do not worry about what others have to say because you just want to build up followers. That is your main goal to make money. If you are spending your whole day trying to build up your account, you are wasting a lot of time when you can do it on auto-pilot.

If you are serious about learning how to make money online, then you need to use Twitter effectively. You know that it is the best social networking site right now.

When I first started using it, I had no knowledge or any clue on what I was doing, and I was excited to get over 100 followers. After learning from people who know what they are talking about, my business started to skyrocket in profit.

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Are You Using Twitter to Make Your Fortune Online?

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Twiiter Bird Cash

Twiiter Bird Cash

Twitter is defined to be the most familiar social networking tool that has created excitement amidst online moneymakers. It is so easy to start and joining takes matter of minutes. Signing up is free and it is simple to get started. With twitter, people can easily get connected with friends on the network and can benefit by making extending business deals.

It is a new and innovative marketing tool and enables marketers to enjoy a lot of benefits including text messaging online. Unlike any other social networking sites, twitter is also the best micro blogging website that can create chances for individuals to make money online. Are you using twitter to make your fortune online? If you are doing so, then you are undoubtedly ready to enjoy the ongoing benefits that twitter grants. It functions well with a combination of social networking and micro blogging.

They grant several chances to progress with regards to business and personal constrains. With a count of up to 140 characters, you can pass messages to any of your network friends and public consumers. It’s similar to text messaging and very easy to read and observe. What will twitter give you and how can it help in making your business reach better heights? Here is a detailed definition….

· Twitter is speedy and quick. Everyone must certainly agree to this fact, because you can keep your customers up to date, better than your blog does.

· You can keep the information updated in the web page or blog or send an sms through a mobile phone.

· It will bring a lot of traffic towards your website and also countless visitors your way.

· Making your personal twit or a twit about your business will help to penetrate your business quicker and faster.

· Twitter helps in building credibility in a short time and thus drives excellent visitor volume towards your business. As a result, you can make great sales with effortless deals.

· Finally, you can promote your web blog efficiently through twitter.

The benefits and enhanced features of twitter in the area of social networking is never ending, and your website will attain remarkable standards. If the number of followers is high, then no doubt your network will receive the same enhanced traffic. The more traffic you acquire, the better your business will grow!

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About the Author

Eric Cole is well known as one of the top offline and online ‘six figure income’ earners in the United States and United Kindgom. Eric also works closely with entrepreneurs from around the world and is also an ‘in demand’ consultant to new and established mlm and direct marketing companies. Eric devotes most of his time and effort into helping average people to have wealth, success and time freedom in their lives.


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Twitter – How Your Business Can Use Twitter For Marketing

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Twitter Bird

Twitter Bird

Twitter is a phenom. In the true sense of the word, Twitter is simply a phenomenon. Shortly after its launch, it was unusual to “tweet” about daily doings, but as more and more people have discovered the power of Twitter, everyone from the soccer mom to the A-list celebrity Twitters.

What’s Twitter? In short, it’s another form of social networking, but one that takes less time and less involvement than Facebook or MySpace. Because each post is limited to 140 characters (that’s characters, not words), the idea is to be sharp, crisp and to the point.

While Twitter initially was a place for people to update friends and family about daily doings, it has quickly turned into a way to promote business, easily, quickly and for free.

Here’s how businesses use Twitter.


Users can put a link to their website in their profile, not just in posts. So as people visit a user’s page, they might see the link, click on it and increase that site’s page views.


Those who are serious about getting the word out are not only good about posting their own comments, but will reply to other people’s comments. They might simply say, “great idea!”, but doing so puts their tweets on those who follow the person they are commenting to. Before they know it, they have more followers, and that’s more potential customers.

Encouraging connections

Smart businesses put a widget on their web page that suggests others “follow me on Twitter” but even smarter businesses are finding better ways to get noticed. These smart Twitter users will put a widget on their page that gives people the opportunity to quickly and easily put a link to a site on their Twitter page. At TweetThisSite, a free download offers just such an opportunity. People no longer have to follow the business Tweets, but can click on links in others’ profiles that increase site traffic.

There are many ways to leverage the power of Twitter. The key is to be smart, be ahead of the game and be willing to try new things. Twitter and many of the assorted applications (including those like TweetThisSite) can give smart business people all of these things.


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How Does Twitter Work For the Success of Your Best Affiliate Programs?

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Twitter Bird Follow Me

Twitter Bird Follow Me

If you are not familiar with Twitter, you may ask how does Twitter work to be able to judge, whether you can use it or how should you use it for your best affiliate programs. You must have a Twitter strategy!

1. What Is Twitter?

Twitter is a micro blogging platform, a way to keep contact with your community. One great idea is to tell, what you are just now doing or what you just did. For instance many article directories or article distribution services are connected with Twitter and every time an author submits a new article, Twitter will get the notice automatically.

You can also say that Twitter is in a way a chatting platform, because it favours short and quick messages. You have 140 characters or less to tell to your followers, what you are doing. It is wise to pick the followers carefully, so that they will form a community of people with the same needs and to avoid people, who want to sell whatever services, which are not related to your best affiliate programs.

2. The Idea Of Twitter Is In It`s Community Feature.

It is natural, that when a person has joined to some community, he has an emotional relation to it. This is important, because many home business entrepreneurs are working alone at home and they have a strong will to talk with other online business owners.

a. With Twitter you can chat directly with your customers.
b. You can build brand and keep your brand in the minds of other people.
c.You can use Twitter as a support forum for your business. This is important especially for new customers.
d. Twitter allows you to expand your circle of friends beyond your formal target group and to draw new customers into your business.
e. When you publish a new blog post or article, you can publish automatically a notice on your Twitter account, so that your followers get the information. This is important, because it happens in real time.
f. Many Twitter users have a list of followers with thousands of friends and they can test ideas or even products among these people.
g. You can share freebies or digital gifts to your followers just to make them happy.
h. You can increase your search engine rankings, when you use keywords in your posts.

Twitter belongs to the group of social media, so to be successful with it, you just have to be social. The main rule is that you have to give, before you can get something. Your presentation must be useful for other people. This usefulness is challenging, because you cannot sell anything directly.

But when you see yourself as a host of your Twitter community, who sets the rules and the tone of discussion there, you will raise above others. The idea is that others will see you as their boss and that they become thankful to yourself.

Juhani Tontti, B.Sc., Marketing.

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3 Advanced Twitter Marketing Strategies You Shouldn’t Learn

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Twitter Bird

Twitter Bird

Twitter has become more than just a main stream media – it has become the latest “must have” social network for many businesses and individuals. And as flood of new members join the ranks of twitterers – some of the misconceptions turn into true problems.

Allow me to explain!

Twitter is not just a platform for marketing but a social medium, meaning that majority of the people are there to communicate, establish relationships and develop their business. While marketing is permitted and welcomed by many, as long as it is consistent with your main message and actually services your market niche.

Unfortunately too many tend to ignore the fact and jump straight into marketing without as much as saying a personal “Hello”. What is even worse – when you visit their Twitter home page all you see is them talking AT YOU not with the followers.

So here are the 3 Things You Shouldn’t Learn About Twitter

1. Don’t Do Auto-DM

Automated Direct Message, also known as AutoDM is one of the most controversial and generally disliked techniques that borders on spam. Twitter is all about instant communication and sending and autoresponder message to your followers and what is even worth – include a link in it is equal to screaming at me to go visit your site as soon as we meet on the street.

Use common sense! If you wouldn’t do it face-to-face – why would you abuse Social Network?

2. Don’t Talk AT Me, Talk TO Me

Twitter is all about conversations that happen in real time, right now and they all must fit in 140 characters or less!  Reserving your conversations only to information you share is equal to ignoring the conversation.

Once again common sense: Would you stand in a group of people and every once in a while shout out something you have to say ignoring whatever conversation was happening at the moment?

They WHY would you do it on Twitter?

3. Don’t Ignore Your Market Needs

People have chosen to follow you for one or another reason but they will remain your followers only if you will continue delivering information they liked in the first place. More often than not it was an answer to their question, solution to their problem or contribution to a common conversation that you made.

Consider your market needs and continue to provide information that services it, delivers answers and provides solutions! And yes, that does include marketing of affiliate products, your own services and even competing products.

Common Sense: People have a trust in your words, use it wisely and don’t peddle crap on them just to make a quick buck!

Conclusion: Twitter can be extremely powerful tool in your arsenal or it could be the beginning of your doom if you decide to abuse it. Information spreads like a fire and damage to your reputation can be very hard to repair if you do something stupid.

Consider common sense strategies in everything you do on Twitter or any other social network, if you wouldn’t do it to a people having a conversation with you face-to-face due to moral restrains – stay away from using it on social networks.

It will not make you a star but it will gain you respect and provide you with benefits you expected.

And now I would like to invite you to learn more about Advanced Twitter Marketing and download a free Step-by-Step guide on Twitter and WordPress blog integration responsible for increasing traffic to my own blog 35% Tweet Your Blog


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Twitter Marketing

What is the Twitter Traffic Machine

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Twitter Bird Cash

Twitter Bird Cash

Twitter is probably the fastest growing social media group on the internet today.  Marketing through social media has gone on for years, but is often abused.  Let’s take a look at one of the most popular practices on the internet today.

Everywhere I look, I see affiliates selling the twitter traffic machine on twitter, and my journalistic instincts took over.  So I bought it to see what the hype was.

The system actually consists of a plan to use 6 free sites that is already out there in conjunction to create one automated solution for writing content, finding followers, and following other people.  In other words, it just snowballs until you have a gazillion followers  and even more posts.  Sounds pretty dumb, I know, but take a closer look.

If you had a following of say, 30 000 people, that is your personal ad group of potential buyers.  For an affiliate marketer, that is heaven, if used right.

The problem however is, that people that know nothing of affiliate marketing is now buying this product, because it is cheap, and easy to set up, and spamming all of us out of the network.  Scaring the fish away, if you will.  They all think that they can start this up, and then just keep throwing clickbank links at everyone.  THIS does not work.  The essence of social networks, is exactly that, SOCIAL.  If everyone just tried to sell the same product to everyone else, then nobody would get any sales.

The sad fact is that this is a great tool if used correctly. Unfortunately, it is not.  I think it would be a great source of traffic for site owners, but for the millions of people out there, buying it, it will be a great loss, and in the end would destroy the essence of twitter for so many real twitterers.

The old saying is true, with great power comes great responsibility.  Bill Crosby was a genius to create this system.  Just a shame so many people are missing the point and abusing an otherwise promising product.

About the Author

Freddie Pretorius is a full time Internet Marketer and now also founder of his own website that teaches young internet entrepreneurs how to start making money online. If You are interested, Go To:


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Typosquatting on Twitter and Other Social Networks

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Typosquatting, which is also known as URL hijacking, is a form of cybersquatting that targets Internet users who accidentally type a website address into their web browser incorrectly. When users make a typographical error while entering the website address, they may be led to an alternative website owned by a cybersquatter.

This can lead to financial or social media identity theft. Phishing is the criminally fraudulent process of attempting to acquire sensitive information such as user names, passwords and credit card details by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication.

Scammers recently created a website imitating, and have been sending phishing emails to millions of users, many of whom click on the link contained within the emails, which sends them to the phishing site, where they enter their user names and passwords in order to log in.

The site is, spelled with two V’s instead of a W. This is a form of “TypoPhishing”. I doubt anyone is going to inadvertently typo two V’s, but it’s certainly a creative ruse by the criminal hackers. This website is currently live.

Assuming that your browser is up to date, it should alert you to the fact that is a suspected phishing site. is another phishing website, which my up to date browser did not warn me about. Notice that neither web address is hyperlinked here. I would not suggest playing around on these sites. At any time, the creators can easily introduce malware to these sites, and then onto your outdated operating system or browser in the form of a “drive by” hack, which ultimately leads us back to identity theft and fraud.

If you decide to play in the devil’s den, you are bound to get burnt.

Forward this blog post to your contacts. Let people know, so that they won’t be fooled. This scam may stick if the site isn’t taken down by the time this warning is read. Don’t get hooked. And protect yourself with Internet security.

Robert Siciliano


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Twitter For The Tweeple

What is This Twitter Thing?

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Twitter Thing

Twitter Thing

Twitter is a social service network, which can be best described as micro-blogging. With 140 characters per message one must be considered in short and precise messages. You choose to follow different people and are then able to see what they “tweet” about. Similarly, there will be people who follow you and therefore can see what you type in your status updates.

Twitter is, by many, compared to Facebook, but differs on some essential points:

  • You can follow the people you want. This means that you don’t have to be approved by example, Barack Obama, to follow him to twitter.
  • You have few options besides your status updates. Unlike Facebook, where you are constantly made aware that one of your friends have taken a quiz, or by how much of all actors you reminds most about George Clooney.
  • You have only 140 characters at your disposal, and must therefore be very short and clear in your communications. (This may actually be a good training for many of us who can easily use many words to describe very little)

How do I start with Twitter?

At twitter you finding some people who you think might be interesting to follow. It may be an idea to start by finding a topic that you’d like to deal with and find some people expressing their opinions on the subject. Then you will see what they write and who they write with. Follow them you think writing something funny or interesting, and expand the group of people you follow. If you write something that is interesting enough, you will also see the group of people who follow you grow.

Tips for using Twitter

  • First and foremost, be aware that you are moving in the public sphere. Anyone can read what you write, if they go into your profile.
  • Remove people that are “spamming” and give updates on things that do not interest you.
  • Use services to shorten your links. For example
  • Remember that everyone can see what you write, even if you address the message to an individual.
  • Find some interesting articles or other things on the web to link to. It could give you more followers if you bid in with is interesting.

Can my business benefit from twitter?

Twitter is not intended to sell products, and many of your followers will be “tired” of you if you only use twit to send bids out. But Twitter can simultaneously be an ideal way to raise awareness about yourself, a product that you want promoted, or traffic on the company website. It is not certain that it provides direct sales, but twit allows the position you / your company in the “head” of potential customers. And the damage is rare.

Twitter is created for an immediate flow of information and relevant news stories are retweet’ede as they happen. Many company profiles on twitter However, usually directed at product launches and industry news – and thus not participate directly in a dialogue. It may therefore be necessary to organize Tweets, and allow them to be published in the future. This is now possible througe Tweet later – a professional twitter tool -
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New Internet Darling – Twitter

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Twitter Bird

Twitter Bird

In everyday life, with children, long hours and piles of laundry, it may be difficult to find time to nurture friendships.

This is the basis for a new service that makes it possible to send small messages to friends. This will share the everyday experiences of those who are close to – without being actually close. The service called twitter.

The philosophy behind Twitter is that friendships based on mutual sharing of experiences and thoughts in the present and that relationship does not depend on how much that is shared. It is small talk that means something to maintain friendships.

I am taking a naked shower in a fountain
Twitter is an open channel for anyone who cares to read what you have to say, and it serves as a wonderful combination of SMS, messenger, and MySpace.

Twitter is personally communicated mass sharing of experiences, thoughts and feelings at the moment they arise. Messages can be send via a limited of 140 characters, so they can be passed as an sms.

The service is not intended to send lengthy descriptions but to tell what they are doing right now. You can send your friends a little quick message as “Now I am drinking a beer in Paris” or “I am taking a naked shower in a fountain.”

Twitter can be used from both mobile phones and computers, and it is possible to send to all persons associated with one’s profile at the same time.

The service can be updated by both the browser and mobile RSS reader, or instant messaging program, and recipients can also choose the platform they want to receive messages.

You feel alive
According to business newspaper, the Financial Times, is Twitter the hottest names in Silicon Valley, and the service is predicted to be a huge hit in line with YouTube and MySpace.

The Danish communications expert Henrik Byager agrees that the platform can become very powerful.
“It gives a Sense of closeness – we feel to be a part of each others lives – very important especially for younger users,” says Henrik Byager.

“Many long to be in contact with each other all the time and if the service is working properly, there is no doubt that many will take it to heart.”

“The constant exchange of feelings and experiences gives a feeling that users are alive.”

Basically the service is free and you can sign and free update via computer. If you wish to update via his mobile phone, you are nevertheless charged SMS rates. It is free to receive messages on all platforms.

Twitter is created for an immediate flow of information and relevant news stories are retweet’ede as they happen. Many company profiles on twitter However, usually directed at product launches and industry news – and thus not participate directly in a dialogue. It may therefore be necessary to organize Tweets, and allow them to be published in the future. This is now possible through Tweet later – a professional twitter tool -
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Twitter – What Are You Using?

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Twitter Bird

Twitter Bird

Twitter can be run from the browser and the applications on your computer or mobile phone In this article we will look at some of the options that are on the market.

Twitter on the Web
Twitter can obviously run through your browser, and it can be an advantage sometimes, especially if you are not doing more. But web solution has its shortcomings and problems if you follow many twitters. The normal webinterface can not divide the Tweets you receive into groups.

The biggest handicap is, however, that it lacks a direct short-url option when you want to embed a URL in your Tweets.

There are several applications you can use on twitter. One of them is Tweetdeck witch seems to be widespread among those I follow. Tweetdeck allows to divide users into groups you follow, where you can see Tweet from each group in a separate column. This allows you to filter the Tweets you receive so that they become easier to foresee.

Another good feature is the short-url options, where you can choose between different types of short-url, so there is something for everyone. Tweetdeck performs well and can be warmly recommended.

This is also a very popular desktop client. I started with Twhirl, but walked away from this because it lacked the possibility of grouping them you follow. If you have a Tweet flow of approx. 100 incoming Tweet of hours, it may be worth gold to group so that you get sorted the worst “spammers” from.

Twhirl works fine, however, and are more handy than Tweetdeck which fills much of the screen. Twhirl seems to work better than Tweetdeck regarding updates Tweet, it goes faster on Twhirl.

In summary, I use Twhirl if I had fewer Tweet, but I think it’s a more handy and elegant solution, but with large amounts of Tweet, it is not quite on a par with Tweetdeck.

Seesmic Desktop
The desktop client is quite new, indeed it is not on the market yet. I’ve tested a bit of a preview version of Seesmic Desktop, and it seems that it is a real competitor to Tweetdeck. I could live with Seesmic once it comes on the market, especially since the ability to have multiple accounts twit in the same desktop client can be useful.

Twitter on Iphone and mobile phone
Twitter can also be used on mobile phone, and here are some excellent applications. To Iphone, I would highlight Tweetie, Twitterlator Pro Twitterrific and Twitterfon. The first two Tweetie and Twitterlator Pro will cost a small amount, while Twitterrific is available both free and buy version. Twitterfon is pt. free, and there is also a free version of Twitterlator.

I’m using Twitterrific itself free version, but this is most likely to follow the Tweet, and I believe therefore that we should look at one of the heavier applications, if you must send many Tweet from his mobile phone. I even started to test a few of them and I will return with a report about my experiences.

There are also some applications for BlackBerry phones, and there are a few Windows Mobile (TinyTwitter and PockeTwit). I have no experience with these applications.

Take Away:

  • Twit can be run directly from your browser.
  • If you use twit much a desktop client can be a great help.
  • If you receive many Tweet then Tweetdeck a good choice.
  • Keep an eye on Seesmic Desktop – it can be hot.
  • You can also use the twit from the mobile phone.
  • There are several good applications for the Iphone.

Twitter is created for an immediate flow of information and relevant news stories are retweet’ede as they happen. Many company profiles on twitter However, usually directed at product launches and industry news – and thus not participate directly in a dialogue. It may therefore be necessary to organize Tweets, and allow them to be published in the future. This is now possible througe Tweet later – a professional twitter toolTry it our for free


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